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Another one of Becky’s passions is coordinating advanced ladies Bible retreats.  Women gather for 4 days of intensive Bible material that is presented by teacher Jodi Denning of Las Cruces, NM. Since 2014, three groups of ladies have been meeting for these retreats, two in the state of Colorado and the other in the state of Texas. More groups will be forming as the Lord leads. If you are interested in learning more about the Women’s Bible Retreats, contact Becky on facebook or via e-mail!

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Becky loves the Lord through serving with her husband but also finds a little time for some other special things.

Joining the board of directors for Casa De Mi Padre (CDMP) Orphanage in Santa Cruz del Quiche, Guatemala, Becky’s role as board member allows her to help by supporting the staff at the orphanage, raising funds, bringing other individuals with gifts and talents to help with the building of a house and to meet the needs of the children.






As board member for the orphanage, Becky traveled to Guatemala to help with the purchase of land for the future house for the Casa De Mi Padre.  Moyer Ministries also helped raise $13,000 to purchase this work truck and materials to construct a fence around the new property for the future home of Casa De Mi Padre.






If you would like to support Becky’s involvement with Casa De Mi Padre, use the DONATE button below!

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